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All registrations must be accompanied by full payment. If you are unable to pay online with a credit card and would like to pay by cash or cheque, please call the AMA Toronto Region Management Office at 416-944-9529 and provide a credit card to secure your seat; your credit card will not be charged unless payment is not received by the event date. Your registration is not considered firm until you have either paid or provided a credit card number for your reservation.  Bookings are considered firm unless cancelled 5 business days in advance. Substitutions allowed at any time. 

Upcoming events

    • 25 Sep 2017
    • 9:00 AM
    • 25 Sep 2019
    • 11:30 PM

    As a partner to the American Marketing Association, Toronto Chapter, Schulich Executive Education Centre students receive a $25 USD discount on their membership when signing up here!

    • 15 Aug 2018
    • 24 Aug 2018
    • N/A

    Congratulations on being accepted into the 2018/19 AMA Toronto Mentor Exchange Program.

    Now that you are approved, you need to make the final payment for the program.

    The total amount is $750.00 (+ HST), you will be covering the balance of $700.00(+HST)


    • 16 Aug 2018
    • 24 Aug 2018
    • N/A

    Congratulations on being accepted into the 2018/19 AMA Toronto Mentor Exchange Program.

    Now that you are approved, you need to make the final payment for the program.

    The total amount is 750 (+HST) which is inclusive of the original application fee and is the only fee associated with the program. 


Past events

15 Aug 2017 Secret Membership Pricing Offer - AMA TORONTO Volunteer + Alumni Mentor Exchange Participants Rate
03 Aug 2017 2017/18 Mentor Exchange Full Program Fee
03 Aug 2017 2017/18 Mentor Exchange Program Fee Balance
03 Aug 2017 2017/18 Mentor Exchange Discounted Repeat
28 Sep 2016 Mentor Exchange Discounted Repeat
28 Sep 2016 Mentor Exchange Full Program Fee
28 Sep 2016 Mentor Exchange Program Fee Balance
23 Aug 2016 Secret Membership Pricing Offer - AMA TORONTO Volunteer Rate
28 Sep 2015 AMA Toronto Mentor Exchange - Mentees
28 Sep 2015 AMA Toronto Mentor Exchange - Mentors
08 Sep 2015 Secret Membership Pricing Offer - AMA TORONTO Volunteer Rate
08 Jul 2015 AMA Toronto Summer Social - Networking, BBQ, Fun!
28 May 2015 The Canadian Chief Marketer - Navigating a Market with Falling Crude and Looney
30 Apr 2015 Mentor Exchange - Fireside Chat with Dr. Alan Middleton on 2015 Marketing Leadership Trends
22 Apr 2015 The Intersection of User Experience & Marketing
26 Mar 2015 How to Use B2B Marketing to Grow Sales
26 Feb 2015 Making the most of your ethnic media dollar
10 Dec 2014 Leading Digital Transformation
18 Nov 2014 Marketing Hall of Legends (MHOL) Marketer on the Rise
02 Oct 2014 Interpreting Multicultural Marketing: Breaking Down Communication Barriers for Impactful Results
17 Sep 2014 Enrolment Process for Mentor Exchange
17 Jul 2014 AMA Toronto Summer Social 2014
11 Jun 2014 The Chief Marketer – Exploring the Then & Now of the Modern CMO
14 May 2014 Content Marketing: Should Brands Behave Like Publishers?
01 May 2014 Master Class: Reinventing Business with Bruce Poon Tip
10 Apr 2014 Branding Series: How Socially Conscious Brands Build Customer Appeal and Profits
07 Apr 2014 2013/14 Mentor Exchange Wrap Reception & Alumni Reunion
05 Mar 2014 AMA Toronto Branding Series: Creating Your Personal Brand
26 Feb 2014 360°Multicultural Experience: Examining Views from Both Worlds of Multicultural Marketing
11 Feb 2014 Global Marketing Trends in Retail Banking and the Canadian position within this landscape
19 Nov 2013 Marketing Hall of Legends (MHOL) Marketer on the Rise
13 Nov 2013 AMA Roundtable - From Rich Data to Big Data: Tackling the Latest Trends in Market Research
24 Oct 2013 Power Mentoring: Marketing Career Path Mentoring for New Grads and Under 30s
22 Oct 2013 MHOL Mentee Fall Social
02 Oct 2013 Unlock the Power of Social Media to Achieve Striking Business Results
20 Aug 2013 AMA Toronto Presents: Taking the “Work” Out of Networking, with best-selling author Tim Cork
23 Jul 2013 AMA Toronto Summer Social BBQ
25 Jun 2013 It’s What’s Inside That Counts: Building World-Changing Brands From the Inside-Out
23 Apr 2013 AMA Toronto Digital Networking Event: Social Search - the new SEO
18 Apr 2013 360 Customer Experience: How Managing Full Cycle Customer Experience Drives Positive Results
18 Apr 2013 Mentor Exchange 2013/14 Program Mentee Application
27 Mar 2013 Loyalty Marketing – From Cool to Creepy: Balancing Personalization with Privacy
21 Feb 2013 AMA Toronto Shared Interest Group (SIG) Presents: Connecting with Multicultural Consumers Through New Media
06 Feb 2013 The New Marketing Roles and How Existing Roles have Evolved
17 Jan 2013 Digital Marketing Shared Interest Group (SIG) presents: Television & Digital Collide: Marketing in a Multi-Screen World
11 Dec 2012 AMA Toronto Breakfast Roundtable Presents: Evolving Youth Culture: What it Means for Brands
06 Dec 2012 Financial Services Shared Interest Group (SIG) presents: The Future of Data Analytics: Looking Beyond Traditional Channels to Engage Consumers
20 Nov 2012 MHOL Mentee Fall Social
18 Oct 2012 8th Annual Marketing Hall of Legends
02 Oct 2012 Marketers Re-Unite - Networking Event October 2nd
26 Jun 2012 Mentee Application - Mentor Exchange 2012/13 Program
07 Jun 2012 AMA Breakfast Roundtable Presents: Discover how great Canadian brands deliver their brand promise
19 Apr 2012 Financial Services Shared Interest Group (SIG) presents: Driving Breakthrough Innovation in Financial Services
12 Apr 2012 AMA Breakfast Roundtable Presents: Demystifying Mobile Marketing
29 Feb 2012 AMA Toronto Presents: Loyalty Marketing – The battle for consumer attention and advocacy
16 Feb 2012 Marketing Planning Special Interest Group (SIG) presents: The Changing Face of Research and Implications for Marketers: You're not in an interview anymore, Dorothy.
23 Jan 2012 AMA Toronto Volunteer Night
12 Jan 2012 AMA Breakfast Roundtable Presents: The Emerging Ethnic Markets in Canada: The Pioneers of Multicultural Marketing
01 Dec 2011 Financial Services Special Interest Group (SIG) presents: Customer Experience as a Marketing Tool to Drive Growth in Financial Services
24 Nov 2011 MHOL Mentor Exchange Holiday Homecoming
17 Nov 2011 AMA Breakfast Roundtable "Future Think: Engaging The Youth Consumer"
05 Oct 2011 **Special Offer** Purpose Inspired Growth and Leadership
28 Sep 2011 MHOL Mentee (Late) Summer Social
26 Sep 2011 SIG Presents "How to Launch and Implement a Social Media Initiative"
09 Jun 2011 AMA Breakfast Roundtable "The Many Faces of Green – what it means for today’s brands"
02 Jun 2011 AMA Financial Services SIG Presents "Global Branding for Today’s Financial Services Organizations"
19 May 2011 AMA Marketing Planning SIG Presents: "Evolving Boundaries of Shopper Marketing: In-Store and Beyond"
12 May 2011 AMA Breakfast Roundtable "Tribal Voices": Marketing To and Through Our Most Loyal Customers
28 Apr 2011 Thursday, April 28, 2011 - AMA Marketing Boot Camp: Integrating Digital into your Marketing Plan
18 Apr 2011 AMA Social Media SIG Presents "Debunking Social Media Myths"
31 Mar 2011 AMA Connect Presents: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace
24 Mar 2011 Thursday, March 24, 2011 - AMA Breakfast Roundtable "Post Recession Boom: Best Practices in Travel and Tourism Marketing"
24 Mar 2011 Affiliate Membership Application Form
17 Feb 2011 AMA Roundtable - Social Media for SMB's (Small to Medium Sized Businesses): Creating Maximum Impact with Minimum Investment
27 Jan 2011 Financial Services SIG and Cundari Present: Brand Lessons For Wealth Management Marketers
19 Jan 2011 The Mentor Exchange Mentor & Mentee Social - Jan 19th
15 Dec 2010 The Mentor Exchange Holiday Sweater Fest - Dec 15th
09 Dec 2010 AMA CONNECT - " A Canadian Marketer's Guide to the Employment Galaxy"
07 Dec 2010 AMA Marketing Planning SIG - "Deciding the right mix in a new world of exploding choices" on Tuesday, December 7, 2010
24 Nov 2010 AMA Social Media SIG - "Social Commerce: Monetizing Social Media" on Wednesday, November 24, 2010
11 Nov 2010 "360 Degree Marketing"
28 Oct 2010 Financial Services Marketing: Overcoming Social Media Obstacles in Financial Services
14 Oct 2010 "Is Marketing in Charge of the Customer?"
28 Sep 2010 AMA Connect - Social Schmedia
16 Sep 2010 “Future Think: Leveraging The Next Consumer”
08 Jul 2010 Marketing Planning: Understanding Your Market – Segmenting Your Audience
07 Jul 2010 MHOL Mentee Summer Social
16 Jun 2010 AMA Irrationally Connect(ed)
03 Jun 2010 Financial Services Marketing: Into the Future
03 Jun 2010 "Brand as a Business System: A Guide to Successful Marketplace Performance"
20 May 2010 “Small (and Medium) Is Beautiful: How to Orient Your Organization to Market and Sell into Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)”
22 Apr 2010 Special Interest Group: Social Media ROI - yes it is possible Thursday April 22, 2010
08 Apr 2010 A Roundtable Thursday, April 8, 2010 "Finding Enterprising New Ways to Fund your Cause"
25 Mar 2010 A Media Roundtable Thursday March 25, 2010- "Media Disrupted: What are the new rules ... or are there any?"
18 Mar 2010 AMA 'Bespoke' Connect - A Fashionable Networking Event for Trendsetting Marketers
24 Feb 2010 Special Interest Group- Financial Services- February 24, 2010
18 Feb 2010 A Social Media Roundtable Thursday February 18, 2010- "Finding & Leveraging the Social Media Sweet Spot"
21 Jan 2010 A B2B Branding Roundtable Thursday January 21, 2010- "What does it take to win?"
09 Dec 2009 AMA Connect - 2009 Year in Review - a Marketing Legend Reflects
08 Dec 2009 How to Market Your Small to Mid-Sized Business
25 Nov 2009 Special Interest Group- Marketing Planning in Uncertain Times
25 Nov 2009 A Roundtable Wednesday November 25, 2009 - "United We Stand. Divided We Fall."
18 Nov 2009 Special Interest Group- Financial Services- November 18, 2009
24 Sep 2009 Using Green as a Marketing Strategy
18 Jun 2009 AMA Connect - Twitter 101 for Marketers
28 May 2009 Marketing in a Recessionary Economy- What does it take to win?
16 Apr 2009 Marketing is Dead! Long Live Marketing!
12 Mar 2009 Reclaiming Customer Relationships: The Lost Art of Paying Attention
05 Mar 2009 AMA Connect
19 Feb 2009 Non-Profits & Mobilizing the Power of Community
01 Jan 2009 2009 AMA Toronto Chapter Volunteer
11 Dec 2008 Cracking the code: The future of loyalty programs
04 Dec 2008 AMA Connect: Why you should 'Never Eat Alone'
13 Nov 2008 Non-Profits & Business: Partnering for a Good Cause
23 Oct 2008 AMA CONNECT: Networking Series
16 Oct 2008 Entrepreneurs: Learn from the Experts!

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